July 2009

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

Great Minds, originally uploaded by bobsd46.

Influencers, thought leaders, and creatives see the world 180 degrees from everyone else.  There is an old clique that states ‘Great Minds think a like’ which I happen to disagree with. Great minds despise good and become great.  Great minds not only don’t think alike they are not equal they challenge lesser minds, status quo, the fear of failure, and mediocrity. It is the great minds give us creative and innovate products that we didn’t realize we wanted until we saw them.

Revolutionary Ideas from Great Minds

o    Netbooks – They made laptops lighter, smaller and more cost effiencient.  (Netbooks will account 20% of laptops globally sales in 2009)
o    Twitter – Builds brands in 140 characters or less. (Twitter has gone mainstream and has a growth rate of 1,382%)
o    ESPN – 24-hour sports station started by Bill Rasmussen in 1979 with $9,000. (This was before CNN and MTV)

What if Apple focused on owning the MP3 market?

This blog post was birth from my recent purchase of the iPhone.  I begin to think about Apple and how they owned 75% of the mp3 market.  Why didn’t Apple focus their energy on continuing its dominance of the mp3 market?  Apple realized there was a greater opportunity with mobile devices and were not afraid to shift.

“Great minds don’t worry about owning markets
they focus on owning ideas.” -  Hajj E. Flemings

What is your Personal Branding OS (Operating System)?

Macintosh System 7.5.5, originally uploaded by mczolton.

What is your Personal Branding OS (Operating System)?

Every person has an operating system (OS) and is wired and socialized into the person they are today.  Success in life and work is based upon your level of understanding of how you are wired.

What is an operating system?

Definition of Personal Brand Operating System (OS): An operating system (OS) is an interface between your personal brand and you; an OS is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of resources of your personal brand.  This relieves application like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin from the responsibility of managing the details of your life which they were never intended to do.  These applications are merely tools that help you communicate, package, and connect your personal brand to opportunities.

The Three Personal Branding OS:

o    Builder – A person who works for someone other than themselves and builds their personal resume while they build someone else’s dreams.
o    Grustler – A person who work a daily grind and a side hustle at the same time.  (This is traditionally a transition state.)
o    Leaper – Is a pure entrepreneur, someone who works for themselves.

Our educational system teaches us all to be builders.  What if I am wired to be a leaper?  How do I learn to leap?  Can entrepreneurship be taught?  Do I grustle?  Or do I continue to build someone else’s dream.  Each personal brand OS can lead to success economically but total profitability and fulfillment requires ID’ing your OS.

What are the benefits of upgrading your OS

o    Operating in your Genius
o    Develop your business model
o    Develop a unique user experience
o    Configuring your life for complete profitability (economically, spiritually, psychologically, mentally, and physically)
o    Utilize the social web that maximizes your OS

The personal branding industry is creating a uniformed army shortly we will all look the same, we will have a blog, Facebook page, and we will all tweet.  It is time for you to create a unique user experience that separates you from your competition.  Break the mold, do something unique.

Remember “Great minds don’t think alike, they think differently.”

Introducing The Fresh Peel Marketing – Chris Wilson: Brand Camp U. Adjunct Lecturer

Chris Wilson_HeadshotBrand Camp University (BCU)  has actively recruited top-notch thinkers and practitioners to enrich its content on personal branding, social media, and life.  BCU is proud to add Chris Wilson as an adjunct Lecturer who is a fanatic of all things marketing and branding.

Chris is a Digital Brand Strategist at Hester Designs, where through creative problem solving, strategy and design, he develops brand strategies and then finds relevant ways to bring those strategies online. He makes sure that experiences online and offline are consistent with the brand.

He is also the Social Media Marketing Adviser to uVizz Media. An innovative thought leader in the industry, Chris is an active contributor in the social media space and shares his thoughts at his blog, The Marketing Fresh Peel.

Follow Chris Wilson on Twitter: @Freshpeel

Keep Polishing Your Personal Brand

polish away, originally uploaded by Darwin Bell.

Personal branding has always been out there, but it has become a better defined and an increasingly popular concept over the past decade.

It is the essential first step in your career search process, helping you identify your own unique and differentiating value and communicate it memorably and consistently online and offline to employers and recruiters. Today’s economic recession and job market have opened many professionals’ eyes to the importance and effectiveness of personal branding throughout their whole career as an ongoing part of their continuous professional development.

Just like with interviews, when you’re seeking job opportunities, you begin to get increasingly better at presenting yourself and effectively answering questions posed to you by the interviewers; however, upon employment, your stop practicing and your interview skills become rusty.  This is why career experts suggest that you schedule periodic informational interviews with fellow professionals both within and outside of your organization as part of your career development in order to stay prepared for future interview opportunities should they arise. Maintaining and updating your personal brand online and offline are not only healthy and necessary for effective self-understanding and self-presentation, but also set you up well whether you are seeking employment or you are positioning yourself for promotions or other opportunities within your organization.

So how do you stay on top of your brand and keep it polished?

1.    Develop or redevelop your own one-or-two-word personal brand and supporting personal brand pitch and practice saying it as the answer to questions like “Why should we pick you?” so that it is flows naturally and confidently and effectively presents yourself.

2.    Update all of your online profiles/websites and career outputs, including your resume, cover letter, email signature etc. with recent professional experience, education and achievements and most importantly your personal brand.

3.    Make sure that your actions and achievements are consistent and support your personal brand claim both inside and outside of work.

4.    Seek formal and informal feedback from fellow co-workers, family members and friends on how you and your actions are being perceived by others.  Compare that to your own perception of your performance, as well as your personal branding goals and make adjustments or updates as necessary.

5.    Stay alert and aware of new technological changes with respect to how you present yourself, how you engage in networking and how you search for and pursue new career opportunities and set time aside to learn about and take advantage of new professional networks, platforms and tools.

By periodically polishing your personal brand, you will come across more confident, more professional and more memorable to those with whom you interact and work on a consistent basis.  More importantly, you and your personal brand will be ready to “shine” when the need or opportunity present itself to pursue another job or more responsibility.

Chris Perry (@CareerRocketeer) is a Gen Y Brand and Marketing Generator, a Career Search and Personal Branding Expert and the Founder of Career Rocketeer, the Career Search and Personal Branding Blog.

Introducing CareerRocketeer – Chris Perry: Brand Camp U. Adjunct Lecturer



I am excited to introduce the newest voice to Brand Camp University, Chris Perry he will function as a contributing blogger/adjunct lecturer.

“Chris Perry is a recent MBA graduate from the Mason School of Business at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia with concentrations in marketing and entrepreneurship.  He is now an Assistant Brand Manager for Lysol at Reckitt Benckiser in Parsippany, New Jersey.

In addition to his full-time work, Chris is a Gen Y Brand and Marketing Generator, a Career Search and Personal Branding Expert and the Founder of Career Rocketeer, the Career Search and Personal Branding Blog.  He has launched this and a number of other career services and networks as an entrepreneurial effort to address and better serve the growing unmet needs of career seekers, both students and professionals, during these technologically dynamic and tough economic times. Chris also offers career search and personal branding workshops and presentations to audiences of students and professionals.

Chris is honored to contribute and share his advice and insight on personal branding and related topics to Brand Camp University and looks forward to serve you all in your career search and development.”

Chris Perry (@CareerRocketeer)

Evan Williams of Twitter @ TED Conference: What is your Side Project?

Interesting talk by Evan Williams of Twitter at the TED Conference where he talks about the unexpected uses of Twitter. The success of Twitter has been chronicled as it has hit the mainstream media. At this point in my life I couldn’t imagine going through the day without my laptop or blackberry to check the pulse of the world through the eyes of the Twitter community.What grabbed me the most about his talk was the fact that Twitter started off as a side project. The first word that comes to mind after watching the video is the word GRUSTLE.

GRUSTLE is the combination of a daily Grind (job) and a Hustle (your passion) and most people are caught between the two. Most peoples side project is their passion, which I believe fuels their success.

The average person is one side project away from their greatness. What side project are you working on?

Operating in your Genius: The Method of Identifying your Passion

GENIUS (SIMON), 1980, originally uploaded by galessa’s plastics.

There is a genius inside of everyone. Operating in your genius has nothing to do with scoring 140 on your IQ test. It is tapping into your God given talents and abilities and developing them to their fullest.

Data shows us that we only use about 10% of our brain capacity and I am a strong believer that this is due largely because we have no interest in the work that we do. So why on earth would you ever challenge yourself to tap into your hidden potential and unlock your inner genius? The golden handcuffs of the American dream have handicapped most people’s thinking and locked them into a passionless existence.

When you love what you do you think creativity to solve problems. The premise of personal branding is: Unlocking your inner genius and connecting it to your passion and addressing a specific problem that can lead to profitability – emotionally, mentally, psychological, spiritually, and economically.


Personal Brands Inner Genius Accomplishments
Michael Jackson Musician King of Pop
Tiger Woods Golfer Defines Golf
Seth Godin Marketer Marketing Guru
J.K.Rowing Author First Billionaire Author

Are these individuals smarter than you or me? What if Michael never became a musician? What if Thriller was never made? What if Tiger never played Golf? What if Seth never wrote his best selling books? What if J.K. Rowing decided to act on her suicidal thoughts never wrote Harry Potter? Their success is connected to them finding out what their good at and out working their competition.

Personal Branding Note: Personal Branding Should help you identify, package, and build awareness of your inner Genius.

What if your job has nothing to do with your inner Genius? Could you transition? Are you stuck between a genius and a job?

Visual Resume 2.0: The New Story Teller

How do you capture the scope and depth of your life in an 8.5 x 11 white paper? One dimensional thinkers in times past (pre social networks) could be captured in a white box, but the transformation of networks to social networks, face-to-face to online conversations have changed the rules of engagement.

Traditional resumes or resume 1.0 are dead and it is not because of the Green movement.
As a personal brand you engage your community, perspective employers, customers, and future business partners through a series of brand impressions that can be leveraged through your online community. With social networks like Twitter, Linkedin, VisualCV and Slideshare and other free tools a person can more effectively communicate their personal brand and what makes them different?

Definition of Visual Resumes – Is a visual communicator of your personal brand that creatively tells your story through a brief series of images, ideas, and experiences that are in a sharable and searchable format.

Examples of Visual Resumes
o Dustin Sommer – A student from my Personal Branding Class (@Dustin Sommer)
o Saranyan Vigraham – Employee at Qualcomm (@Saranyan)

Goal of Visual Resumes: Extend the engagement of your personal brand (Employers spent 20-30 seconds viewing resumes)

Visual Resume Elements
o Brief – Recommend 15-20 pages
o Story Telling Format
o Avatar- Global ID
o Spreadable – Embed into your blog, Linkedin, and Twitter
o Searchable – The use of tags for searchability in the social network and in Google
o Images – Sources: Flickr and istock photo

Why Create a Visual Resume?
o Shows your creativity
o Optimize your elevator pitch.
o Think in soundbites
o Practice story telling
o Extends the engagement.

A Note to GRUSTLERS: (Grind-to-Hustle)
Especially if you are a GRUSTLER, the traditional resume doesn’t work. Your resume is probably loaded with experience that is not directly related with your passion and doesn’t do you justice. You need away to communicate the varying dimensions of your life.

Share a link to your visual resume.

2009 Brand Camp Conference Updates: Coming Soon!!!

The planning for the 2009 Brand Camp University – Personal Branding 2.0 Conference is being finalized. Updates for the conference will be posted to the site soon. SAVE the Date: Saturday, October 10, 2009. Looking forward to seeing you in Detroit.

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