Super Bowl XLV: Is the Real Game Online or On the Field? #sb45


Where will the real Super Bowl XLV be played? Online or on the field?  Or both?  The game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers will be played at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, but how much of the Super Bowl is about the teams on the field?

Globally people can interact and engage with each other and their favorite brands in real-time.  The Super Bowl is the most watched event on the planet year in and year.  Last year over 106.5 Million people watched the Super Bowl in 2010 according to Nielsen.  This years numbers should surpass last years numbers making it the most watched single day event in history.

This creates a very unique opportunity for brands to reach and engage with customers and to know how they feel about their ads:

Social Media Engagement During the Super Bowl

  • Official Hashtag:  #sb45

  • Facebook likes/fans
  • Twitter followers
  • YouTube subscribers, video views and channel views
  • YouTube Re- Marketing: YouTube ads that you watch will start to follow you as you surf online.
  • Website traffic
  • Tweet volume
  • Twitter mentions
  • Twitter sentiment:  Positive, Negative, or Neutral
  • Google results for videos, news, blogs and discussions
  • Social Mention in relation to strength, sentiment, passion and reach
  • Engagement during the Super Bowl

Two Ways to Follow Your Favorite Super Bowl Ads Online

  • Brand Bowl 2011: Social Media monitoring of Super Bowl XLV is back this year with Radian 6 and Mullen and Brand Bowl 2011.  Join the conversation online with hash tag: #brandbowl. You can post comments in Twitter or on the Brand Bowl website and include hash tag: #brandbowl and your comments will be aggregated to identity the most popular Super Bowl ads.  They will be measuring positive, negative, and neutral sentiment on Twitter and total number of tweets for all brands.
  • YouTube Ad Blitz – Rewatch favorite Super Bowl ads and post comments in YouTube.

As a digital nerd I enjoy the engagement online (conversation about the game and the super bowl ads) as much as the game that is played on the field.  Why?  The game that is played online is shared with my online friends/network and the new people that I meet.  It also provides an opportunity for me to engage with the big brands and provide my feedback about the millions of dollars that they just spent.

Here are the Stats for the Online Game

  • 22% of People planning to view the Super Bowl will be on Facebook.
  • 15 Million Americans post on a social media afterwards
  • 43% of the 15 Million Americans plan to rewatch their favorite ad
  • 31% of the 15 Million Americans plan to share their favorite ad via email or social network.
  • 9% of YouTube Ad Blitz videos were viewed on cell phones in 2010

Young Demographic Stats

  • 44% will multi-task texting while the game is on.
  • 40% will use Facebook
  • 12% will Tweet

[Reference to Yahoo Blog]

Super Bowl Ads: The Cost is $3million for a 30-second commercial spot.

As brands scramble to engage customers the integration of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter become powerful platforms to connect with the people they are targeting to purchase their products.   Let me know your thoughts about the Super Bowl Ads and the online engagement with the big brands.

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