Brand Camp University Google Hangout: Helps 9-Entrepreneurs Solve Biz Problem


The purpose of the inaugural Brand Camp University Google Hangout is to provide entrepreneurial, branding and technology strategies to entrepreneurs.  This session will be facilitated by Brand Camp University Founder Hajj Flemings and 9-entrepreneurs from around the nation.

Date:              July 9, 2012 6:30pm-7:15pm EST

Here is the format:

Personal Brand Discussion:  Hajj Flemings will facilitate a brief workshop session on personal branding

9 x 1 Crowdsourced Problem Solving:  Each participant brings one startup or branding business problem they are trying to solve.  Over a one-week period as a community we will prove feedback to help solve the problem of each entrepreneur.  Each participant will share a Google Doc and list their problem. (We will discuss how this will be facilitated during the Google Hangout and then work offline)

Q +A:  I will answer questions of attendees!  This section will be interactive so we will allow everybody to provide feedback as well.

Goal:  The goal is to provide solutions for passionate entrepreneurs!

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