Brand Camp '12 Boston
Brand Camp ’12 – Boston: Branding, Entrepreneurship and Technology Conference

Theme:  Build, Innovate and Grow Boston

Location:  Foley Hoag, LLP.

8:00am – 9:00am Coffee, Networking + Registration 
9:00am-9:15am  Kick-off
9:15am – 9:45am The Startup You Economy:  How to Develop a Personal Brand that Matters in a Digital World: Hajj Flemings (Founder of Brand Camp University)

The Startup You Economy is about re-wiring people from a factory mindset to began to think like a startup:  fast, creative, and innovatively.  The future thought leaders in our economy will not come exclusively from the C-Suite or the senior management level of Fortune 500 Companies.  Hajj believe’s the future of cities like Detroit, Boston, and Berlin will be fueled by the Startup You Economy.  The Startup You Economy will be powered by individuals that will emerge globally that embrace digital technology and create tangible value in real-time.  Hajj will help you transform the way you view the intersection of people, brands and technology.

9:45am-10:15am What is GOOD self-promotion, and when did it become not “icky?”: Peter Shankman (VP/Small Business Evangelist at Vocus, Inc.)

Why, when done right, is Self-Promotion no longer considered a bad thing?
Self-Promotion can be described as helping others. What are the top-five ways?
What’s BAD self-promotion?
Five exampes of people who use self-promotion to their advantage?
How does Self-Promotion help your brand?
How does Self-Promotion help your company’s brand?
How has Self-Promotion “blown companies up” in a good way?
What are the top five steps to start self-promoting?
How will you know when you’re doing self-promotion right?

10:30am-11:00am Lions, Tigers, and Bears: The Evolution of a 35-Year Old Startup : Laurel Ruma (Director of Talent at O’Reilly Media)

O’Reilly Media produces conferences, books, webcasts, online events, and serious thought leadership in the tech industry. But the tech book publishing industry, much like any content distributor, is facing some serious challenges. This session explores those challenges and shows how embracing your competitors and working on stuff that matters can make all the difference when building a company to last another 35 years. Talent at O’Reilly Media)

11:05am -11:35am Moving Boulders: Obstacles and Opportunities for Women and MinorityEntrepreneurs: Kathleen D. Warner (COO of Startup America Partnership)

As entrepreneurship is increasingly front-and-center in the national conversation on economic growth and innovation, women-led and black-led thriving, startup success stories are also increasingly visible: Robin Chase of Zip Car,  Charles Moore of Rocket Lawyer and scrappy newcomers like Startup America Members Victoria Ransom of Wildfire and Naithan Jones of AgLocal. Yet despite these achievements, we’re also bombarded with media stories about the challenges that women and minorities face, from lack of strong networks and mentors and “pattern matching” to outright gender and racial stereotyping and biases, in hiring and investment decisions.

Is diversity dead?  Or just being disrupted? Kathleen Warner, Chief Operating Officer of the Startup America Partnership, will share the story of Startup America’s growing national network of vibrant, entrepreneurial ecosystems and the open and inclusive approach the Partnership takes with its Regional Champions and Startup Members to ferret out and support all high growth startups regardless of gender, race, geography and sector.

11:35am-12:35pm Lunch
12:35pm-1:05pm Content Growth Strategy: Tell Your Story & Be Amazing: C.C. Chapman (Author of Content Rules)

Storytelling is a lost art in today’s business.

Creating content is the cornerstone of any marketing strategy in today’s business world. To stand out from the pact you must find ways to tell your company’s unique story. You do this by doing the unexpected and then amazing things will happen. We’ll discuss how on any budget (or none) you can be sure that your content marketing efforts are well planned out, build momentum and help your business grow. It isn’t magic and doesn’t happen overnight, but your story is unique to you and by using it as the basis of all of your content efforts we’ll discuss how you can find success.oag, LLP.)

1:10pm-2:10pm Startup Pitch Competition (6 of Bosto’s Hottest Startups) – Sponsored by Dell
Judges: Kathleen D. Warner (Startup America), Peter Shankman (H.A.R.O.), LaToya Collins-Jones (Dell), and Bob Lentz (Northeastern University)
2:15pm-2:45pm IP Mistakes from the Start-Up’s Perspective, and How to Avoid Them:  Prithvi Tanwar and Matthew Eckhart (Associates at Foley Hoag, LLP.)
3:00pm-3:40pm How to Become a Player in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Boston (Panel): Tracy DeForge (Burst),  LaToya Collins-Jones (Dell), Bob Lentz (Northeastern University IDEA Venture Accelerator), Shaun Johnson (Boston Startup School), and Joslin Mane (Boston Tweetup)

Startup communities are popping up everywhere, from cities like Boulder to Boston and even in countries as varied as Iceland. These entrepreneurial ecosystems are driving innovation and small business energy in their communities and throughout the world.  The panel will talk about how to create an impact in Boston one of the most vibrant startup communities in the world whether you are a startup, corporation or small business.

3:45pm-4:15pm Using Marketing to Fail Faster: Mike Schnieder (SVP, Director of Digital Incubator for Allen & Gerritsen)

Startups have limited resources and time is of the essence. A great brand is a combination of a company’s product, culture and audience. The sooner a product has an audience, the sooner the team will know if it succeeds. Enter marketing. This session will talk about the importance of a startup’s brand, creating a brand quickly, messaging and filling the top of the funnel so that you can evolve the application to the use cases of the community.

4:20pm-5:00pm The Minefield – Navigating Value Creation as an Entrepreneur: Bryant McBride (CEO of Burst)

It is well known that most entrepreneurial journeys end badly – most startups do not create enough value to warrant an exit that rewards the founders and the investors.  What signposts along the way can be read to increase the chances of success?  Some of the issues that will be covered include:
- key macro market indicators
- team composition
- product scope
- monetize now or later?
- the role of intellectual property and proprietary technology
- how you can “make” luck??!!

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