Brand Camp ’13 – New York

Branding, Entrepreneurship + Technology Conference

Conference Theme:  Build, Innovate & Grow NYC.

The Brand Camp University Conference focuses on creating a transformational learning experience around 6-core areas called BETAs+D:

BETAs [Branding + Entrepreneurship + Technology + Aspiration + Startups] + Design

Brand Camp is a gathering of thought leaders, technologist, geeks, and creative’s around a discussion on branding, entrepreneurial thinking, social media and the use of technology.  The purpose of Brand Camp is to change how people build, launch, and grow ideas and use technology as personal brands, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs (employees), small businesses and corporations.

We would like for each speaker to forward a workshop title and description topic that you were thinking about presenting that you think would fit into one of the three areas of focus: (1) building, (2) innovating or (3) growing sectors.

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